3 Steps to Creating Cool Smoke Pictures With A Smartphone

Ive always been fascinated with the way that smoke appears in images and after a while I realized its all about the lighting. This is something anyone with two phones or a friend standing by with theirs can do. If you're out doing hookah or...something else, all you need to do is download a flashlight type app if your phone doesnt already have one. Put one phone on the flashlight app and point it at one side of your face, with the other phone you take a selfie from the other side. With the light coming from one side and the picture from the other, it will highlight the smoke perfectly.

#bedifferent #becreative



A Mothers Day To Remember

To those that have given the ultimate physical and mental sacrifice to bring another into the world, today is your day!

Thanks for letting me capture you all throughout the years...even if you didnt feel the most glamorous. You are! 

Send your mom a print on the way out!